The MCP-CE2006 is the 2nd event of its kind to approach the field of MCP in Central European Countries from an interdisciplinary perspective bridging scholar research and business practice.

Following the example of the MCP-CE2004 which was held with large success with participants from 12 countries, the MCP-CE2006 (24-26 May 2006) will take again a broad and interdisciplinary perspective to address the relevant topics in MCP. Its special objective is to engage participants in the dialogue how to bridge Mass Customization and Mass Production in Central European Countries.

The extended formula of the MCP-CE2006 includes a strong approach toward business practice. One of the key goals of the MCP-CE2006 is to discuss the development issues from the perspective of SMEs sector, which embraces over 90% of all companies in Central Europe. This issue will be addressed by keynote lectures, who will propose innovative and efficient approaches towards implementation, based on a close cooperation between industry and higher education sectors.

High scientific level and emphasis placed on practical issues is guaranteed due to the attendance of world class experts and representatives of the leading Polish business associations (Business Centre Club, Euro Info Centre, Association for Entrepreneurship Promotion). Attendance of the latter will give a chance for all participants to discuss cooperation issues with local industry as well as joint project ideas.

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