Palić-Novi Sad    
03-06th June 2008.

 Mass Customization and Personalization (MCP) aims to provide goods and services that best serve individual customers personal needs with near mass production efficiency. Open Innovation is focused on cooperation between manufacturers and customers and extends conventional model of closed innovation taking place just within the boundaries of a manufacturer. These new strategies are beginning to emerge in many enterprises as profitable business models. The conference provides an interactive platform to learn about Mass Customization and Open Innovation strategies and to discuss the latest technologies and enablers like Product Configurators and Toolkits for User Innovation. The main goal of the conference is to bring the Mass Customization and Open Innovation concept closer to companies and scientists in Central Europe

Robert Freund is German expert in reengineering, quality management and lean production. An independent expert on Mass Customization and Personalization (MCP) and distance learning specialist.
Since 1997 his research activities are dedicated to the question on 'How to overcome the efficiency-paradox on developing and delivering education?' His concept is based on the combination of Mass Customization and Gardner's Multiple-Intelligence-Theory.
Robert Freund is involved in national and European projects on formal, informal and non-formal adult education. He has technological and pedagogical expertise and was participant at all World Congress on Mass Customization and Personalization since the first in Hong Kong (2001).


Igor Firstner is lecturer at Polytechnical Engineering College in Subotica (Serbia). His main areas of research are product development and mass customization. He is most active in the field of product configurators in which he has experience in dealing with industry. He has published more than 30 scientific papers on conferences and in scientific journals.

Cipriano Forza is a professor of Operations Management and General Management at Padova University, Teacher of Research Methodology at the European Institute of Advanced Studies in Management (Italy), Director of the Graduate School in Management and Quantity Surveying, Head of the library of the Department of Technics and Management of Industrial Systems, elected member of EurOMA board (since 2005) where it is chair of the Membership and Finance team (since 2008), organizer of the Workshop on Journal Publishing for Non-Native English-speaking Researchers in OM. His Research interests are:
management of product variety, product configuration, mass customization, Lean Production, information systems in operations, management quality and internationalization of SMEs. He has published more than 140 scientific papers, including more than 50 refereed journals.


Zoran Anisic is an assistant professor at the University of Novi Sad (Serbia), Faculty   of Technical Sciences, Department for Industrial engineering and Management. He is also a professor at the Polytechnical Engineering College in Subotica. The main areas of research are integrated product development, design and simulation of manufacturing systems and mass customization. Zoran Anisic has published  more than 80 scientific papers presented at conferences and professional journals, both in his country and abroad and also has a long-time experience in cooperation on implementation projects with companies.


Robert Freund, UITM, Poland

Alexander Tsigkas, Democritus Uni. of Thrace, Greece
Cipriano Forza, Uni. of Padova, Italy
Bozidar Lekovic, Uni. of Novi Sad, Serbia
Goran Andjelic, Uni. of Novi Sad, Serbia
Ilija Cosic, Uni. of Novi Sad, Serbia
Imre Kiss, Uni.Politehnika Timisoara, Romania
Jan Andreasik, AEP, Poland
Karsten Jansch, Technische Uni. Clausthal, Germany
Krzysztof Feret, UITM, Poland
Maciej Piotrowski, UITM, Poland
Tadeusz Grabinski, CAE, Poland
Tomislav Sudarevic, Uni. of Novi Sad, Serbia
Tibor Kis, Uni. of Novi Sad, Serbia
Valentina Gecevska, Uni. "St. Cyril and Methodius", Skopje, Macedonia
Zbigniew Pasek, Uni. of Michigan, USA
Zoran Anisic, Uni. of Novi Sad, Serbia

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