Conference Topics

Global trends

  • Trends in mass customization and personalization
  • Industry 4.0 and MCP
  • Sustainability and MCP
  • Societal changes and MCP

Product & process design

  • Product and process design for MCP
  • Product and service modularization
  • Product platform design
  • Open Innovation & crowdsourcing
  • Co-creation

Marketing & sales

  • Big data and product space design
  • Design of customer experience
  • Value of customer experience
  • Personalization of marketing
  • Virtual reality and MCP

ICT based systems for MCP & customer involvement

  • Ideation platforms
  • Social networks and MCP
  • Social media/SW in co-design and co-creation
  • Netnography
  • Product configuration systems and customization toolkits

Product concept

  • Self-customizing (smart) products
  • Big data and service personalization
  • AI driven products
  • Personalized 3D body avatars

Evidence and learning from practice

  • MCP in practice
  • Managers tell transitions to MCP
  • Cost, revenues and returns on investments in MCP

Manufacturing & supply chain

  • Digital manufacturing
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Process modularity and reconfigurable manufacturing
  • Supply chain management in MCP environments
  • Service customization

Overall strategy and organization

  • Business models and strategies for MCP
  • Variety and complexity management
  • Guidelines for implementation of MCP best practices
  • Competencies, skills and capabilities for MCP
  • Organizational design and change for MCP