6th Doctoral Student Workshop (DSW 2024)

Motivated by the success of previous workshops, we are organizing the fifth Doctoral Student Workshop (DSW), thereby convening and connecting young researchers and PhD students in the field of Mass Customization and Personalization. We encourage the exchange of ideas and offer a chance for confirmation of the contributing researchers’ hypothesis with the support of eminent experts of the field during the lively workshop discussions. The DSW workshop aims to become one of the significant summits of young researchers in Europe establishing research trends in the areas of Mass Customization, Personalization, Co-Creation and Open Innovation, for the following reasons:

Trends & Novelties

To offer information on current research topics presented by the chairmen of the PhD workshop, renowned keynote speakers and other established members of the MCP-CE community.

Feasibility & Implementation

To offer support in the choice of the right research method for the given type of problem, as well as to connect young researchers with companies which can offer an opportunity of conducting research and checking the research hypothesis.

Networking & Socializing

The workshop will be held within the framework of conference giving an excellent opportunity for young researchers to meet each other, as well as other participants, some of whom are leading world names, and to discuss relevant topics with them in both formal and informal environments.